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Lake Okeechobee draining triggers rift between farming towns, coastal communities

Residents and business leaders of coastal communities such as Stuart and Fort Myers, along with environmental groups, are pushing for the state to buy more South Florida farmland and use it to move additional lake water south, instead of dumping it to the east and west coasts.

But South Florida’s Glades communities say flooding farmland to move water south means losing jobs in an area already suffering.

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#GladesLivesMatter protests ‘Send the Water South’ campaign

Using the tagline #GladesLivesMatter, residents of the farming communities south of Lake Okeechobee, known as the Everglades Agricultural Area — EAA or “the Glades” for short — are posting their side of the story on social media.

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Glades community speaks up about Lake O and water disputes

Many blame the lake and those discharges for the toxic algae devastating the Treasure Coast. And the pressure is on to find other ways to manage the lake levels without discharging the water east and west.

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Responding to algae crisis, Glades communities say “our lives matter”

Pastors in the Glades came up with the “Our Lives Matter Too” slogan, to counteract the push from coastal residents and environmentalists to buy agricultural land south of Lake Okeechobee.

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Toxic water crisis: A Florida finale of horror or leadership? Where We Stand

The toxic tide of algae that has swamped waterways and beaches on Florida’s Treasure Coast is a catastrophe for the region’s environment and tourist-driven economy. It’s also a broader threat to the state’s international reputation as a vacation paradise.

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Will a reservoir south of Lake O save the St. Lucie Estuary?

Nothing in Everglades restoration is simple. Every dollar spent, shovel of dirt turned and drop of water redirected will anger or please someone. And nothing makes this more evident than the recent outbreak of blue-green algae gumming up the once-pristine estuary.

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Curing Florida’s Algae Crisis Will Take Time, Money, Science

The enormous algae outbreak that has coated swaths of Florida’s St. Lucie River with guacamole-like sludge is a man-made affliction, arising from political and economic decisions made over the past 140 years.

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Agriculture Falsely Singled Out for Harmful Algal Bloom in South Florida

Heavy rainfall and unusually warm temperatures that occurred earlier this year created optimal conditions for harmful algal blooms in south Florida, especially in the southern Indian River Lagoon and St. Lucie River. The blooms have recently garnered national media attention after the Martin County Commission requested and received a State of Emergency declaration from Governor Rick Scott.
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Death to Those in the Way of Lake ‘O’ Flow? Florida Environmentalism at Its Ugliest

A letter from Gov. Rick Scott ordering Lake Okeechobee discharges to flow south, combined with a battle of mayors over flood control, blew up like an oil tanker in a mine field last week. What it did is expose the ugly face of environmental extremism in Florida.

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Beyond the pale: Enviro activist calls for “death of thousands” in Lake O discharge controversy

With much of the nation embroiled in the 2016 presidential campaign, it’s almost understandable that some things in Florida have escaped widespread notice.

For those of paying attention, however, they have no doubt been aware of the release of excess water from Lake Okeechobee, a result of historically high El Niño rainfall in South Florida.

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