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Column: Focus restoration efforts north of Lake Okeechobee — not south

A4s_Okeechobee_BW_112816_18415066_8colOur first priority must be stopping the nutrients from entering the lake.

Lake Okeechobee receives about five times the 105 tons of phosphorus per year limit, and nearly all of that phosphorus enters the lake with stormwater from suburban and agricultural development as far north as Orlando.

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Editorial: With Negron now leading Senate, reservoir chances improve

SJoe-Negrontuart Republican Joe Negron has taken the reins this week as Florida Senate president. Negron has pledged to buy the land such a reservoir would need: 60,000 acres, largely in western Palm Beach County.

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When Looking to Solve Lake Okeechobee’s Issues, Follow the Science

everglades_progress_imageWith six million more Floridians expected to call Florida home by 2030, long-term, sustainable water policies are essential to ensuring that Florida’s natural environment is protected. Strong, science-based water quality standards now will protect Florida’s natural and economic resources for the future.

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Good News: Everglades Water Quality Up from Better to Almost Best

evergladesLet’s hope lawmakers whose heads are turned by the Everglades Foundation’s “buy the land” bus tour and petition drive also saw Thursday’s South Florida Water Management District news. It dispels virtually every claim the Foundation is making.

Letter: Need holistic approach to water


Quit Blaming Us!  The towns nestled along the shores of Lake Okeechobee want to see clean water and sustain our way of life without destroying our economic viability just as much as the coastal communities.

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