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Letter from 60 Water Policy Experts: Stay the Everglades Restoration Course

SSNlogoGov. Rick Scott will have a front-row seat in what has become — overnight, apparently — the battle of the Everglades experts.

Politico Florida’s Bruce Ritchie said in a story Monday that Scott will receive a letter from “dozens of water policy experts and scientists across the state of Florida (who) have come together in support of finishing the work that was agreed upon more than 15 years ago.”

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Negron water storage plan teed up in Senate

seal_1467235572272_7210406_ver1.0_640_360A measure to bond $100 million a year in voter-approved dollars for the purchase of 60,000 acres of farmland south of Lake Okeechobee — land that owners have expressed an unwillingness to sell — was introduced Thursday in the Senate.

The 20-year proposal (SB 10), filed by Senate Environment and Natural Resources Appropriations Chairman Rob Bradley, advances a $2.4 billion plan by Senate President Joe Negron, R-Stuart, to try to halt polluted water releases out of Lake Okeechobee and reduce the reappearance of swirling green algae that has coated waterways in parts of the Treasure Coast in the past.

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More Testimony: ‘Cost-Prohibitive’ Reservoir Won’t Halt Coasts’ Algae

erniebarnettYou want a reservoir south of Lake Okeechobee? Look at the $3 million study completed for the Central Everglades Plan, Ernie Barnett told senators Wednesday.

It tells you a reservoir like the one Senate President Joe Negron pursues is cost-prohibitive. And worse. It won’t accomplish the main object of the exercise, halting the need for Lake Okeechobee discharges and ending future algal blooms.

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Good as Gold: Everglades Achieves Ultra-Clean Water Quality Standards Due to Area Farmers

Everglades_Progress - CopyFor years the EAA has drawn much controversy due to environmental concerns about water quality in Lake Okeechobee, the Water Conservation Areas and the Everglades National Park. And far too often farmers are criticized for nutrient loading in these areas. They are perceived as the root of the problem and not the solution.

New data released by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) show that farmers are definitely part of the solution. For the 21st consecutive year farmers have met the state’s water-quality standard south of Lake Okeechobee.

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Guest column: Negron’s plan to buy Everglades land is big government at its worst

When thinking about the ongoing debate over water in Tallahassee, forget the policy-speak.

Forget the acre-feet, the recharge and the conveyance. Forget the math — and even the measurements.

Think about the ideologies for a second. Think about the principles that are guiding the leaders who are making decisions that will have a lasting impact on how, when and where water flows across Florida for generations from now.

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Joe Negron’s Lake Okeechobee plan bad for us, his Pahokee constituents say

T0015571493--1620160809175339000Florida Senate President Joe Negron’s blueprint to reduce Lake Okeechobee discharges has turned him into a hero among environmentalists and coastal communities, but it also pits him against his rural constituents.

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Septic Tanks a Red Herring? Wait for the Real Science Guy, Senators

SSNlogoAs Rob Bradley’s Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on the Environment and Natural Resources moves forward, its members might want to “weight” some of the scientists, engineers and other “experts” they’re relying on to educate them.

There’s a lot at stake for Florida’s future here. And not all stakeholders in Tallahassee to make their pitch are without hope or agenda.

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Senate begins weighing Negron’s water plan

WJXT_4_logo_400x400Florida already has enough land for water storage south of Lake Okeechobee, the head of the South Florida Water Management District said Wednesday as lawmakers began to ponder a $2.4 billion water redirection proposal intended to reduce toxic algae blooms on the east and west coasts.

Pete Antonacci, executive director of the South Florida Water Management District, said the state needs to focus first on completing storage areas that will help raise the water level in the Kissimmee River valley, reducing the flow into the lake from the north, and could use farmland it already owns south of the lake for the additional storage.

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Nancy Smith: SFWMD Exposes Everglades Foundation’s ‘South Reservoir’ Bunkum

SSNlogoWho was it who said, “When liars figure, figures lie”? I have no idea, but he sure as heck could have been talking about the wily coyotes at the Everglades Foundation/Coalition/Trust.

The Coalition had to know it would take a real hydrologist about five minutes to drive a truck through the holes in the “three estuaries, one solution” paper it advanced at its conference this past weekend.

Actually, it took less than 24 hours.

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Letter: Farmers have lives, too

news-pressAs a lifelong sugarcane farmer, I have serious concerns about Sen. Negron’s plan to purchase 60,000 acres of additional farmland in the EAA. We have known for years that buying farmland south of Lake Okeechobee will not solve the problems with excess water draining from the north of Lake Okeechobee.

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