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Melissa Meeker: Fixing Everglades, reducing lake discharges not the same

636310521335681955-Mel-Head-Shot-2015As a Treasure Coast resident for more than 20 years, I have seen firsthand the damage caused by the discharges. While the recently approved Everglades reservoir bill may help alleviate them, the reservoir is far from a panacea and it’s important to set expectations about what it will accomplish.

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Guest Column: A letter to coastal communities from the Glades

TammyJackson-MooreSenate President Joe Negron’s southern-storage reservoir was the piece of legislation this session that garnered the most headlines across the state. However well-intentioned, initial versions of the bill would have had harmful consequences for the Glades communities south of Lake Okeechobee — so we made our voices heard.

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Sen. Nelson Backs Speeding Up Dike Repairs

billnelsonTALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – Senator Bill Nelson has followed Gov. Rick Scott, a potential 2018 election challenger, in imploring President Donald Trump to speed repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike around Lake Okeechobee and to fund other Everglades restoration projects.

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Kissimmee River restoration work shows progress

OKEECHOBEE — A crucial undertaking generations in the making, the Kissimmee River Restoration Project is showing progress.

Janet Taylor: Thanks, Sen. Braynon

janettaylorOne of the most difficult debates to watch this Legislative session in Tallahassee involved efforts to take Glades property and turn it into a storage reservoir for unwanted water flowing mostly from communities north of Lake Okeechobee. For us, the idea of taking our land was personal.

Hillary Hyslope: Support appreciated

On behalf of the Glades residents, I want to thank Rep. Byron Donalds and Sen. Kathleen Passidomo for standing up for us in Tallahassee this legislative session.

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Guest column: Don’t blame sugar for Everglades reservoir delays

In the usual haste to blame sugarcane farmers, Eve Samples’ recent column (“Long wait for Everglades reservoir a ‘national embarrassment'”) completely ignored the major reason behind delays to complete the original Everglades Agricultural Area Reservoir: a 2008 lawsuit from the Natural Resources Defense Council, joined by the Sierra Club and the Florida Wildlife Federation.

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Scott vows to fix dike by 2022

hhd2SOUTH BAY — Governor Rick Scott Friday vowed to make sure the Herbert Hoover Dike repairs are complete by 2022 during the signing ceremony for Senate Bill 10, held Friday morning at John Stretch Park in South Bay.

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Scott at SB 10 Signing: I Am Committed to Dike Rehabilitation

hhdOver the last several weeks, Scott has bonded with Glades farmers who fought to keep their towns and their lifestyle whole — and who live in the shadow of the deteriorating Herbert Hoover Dike. It’s a part of the Everglades’ infrastructure he remains determined to put on a fast track toward reconstruction.

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Even After SB10, Enviro-Activists Vow to Wage “War” on Florida Farmers

EFSmallToday, Florida Governor Rick Scott attended a ceremonial bill signing with Senate President Joe Negron. Both leaders were joined by representatives of the Everglades Foundation, the Sierra Club, and Florida Oceanographic Society to celebrate Senate Bill 10, which gives Florida environmentalists what they admit is a “momentous victory.” But a number of extremist activists are already vowing to continue the “war” on Florida farmers and agriculture interests.

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